Iron Maiden has recently released the video for the song ‘Speed of Light’ from their upcoming album ‘The Book of Souls’. The video should please both fans and gamers alike. Even if you’re not a metalhead, the video is worth watching. Fans will recognise lots of references to Maiden’s glorious history as the video chronicles both the band and the evolution of Video Games.

This isn’t the first time the band has made use of CGI and video game references. Apart from using CGI in videos, the band also released a video game called Ed Hunter in 1999, which was an “on-rails” shooter with Eddie travelling to locations featured in their albums. They have a long history of making interesting videos featuring their mascot Eddie. Their album covers, elaborate live sets and merchandise have also featured the iconic mascot in various incarnations. The ‘Book of Souls’ will be out on 4th September, 2015.