Coral Reefs, Billionaire Issues, 50 Cent and Italian beaches are some of the topics that feature in our weekly list of articles to read.

The Descent of 50 Cent – The Verge chronicles the fall of 50 Cent who went from being one of the biggest rap stars On the planet to recently declaring bankruptcy. It contains a blow-by-blow account of the events that ultimately led to his downfall. Will he bounce back? Only time will tell.

The Dark Side of Having Everything – Notch, the creator of Minecraft, who sold it to Microsoft for about $2.5 billion has recently been tweeting about the “ugly” side of being successful. Read on to find out how being a billionaire may not be everyone’s favourite cup of coffee.

Italian Summer Beaches – Wired posted an interesting photo-feature with images of Italian beaches taken from the air. Bernhard Lange, a German photographer, hired a plane to fly him along the Adriatic coast and managed to come up with a collection that gives a whole new perspective to the beauty of the Adriatic.

King of the Reefs – The Great Barrier Reef, one of the most famous (albeit troubled) coral reefs and a UNESCO heritage site, may have a competitor. A newly discovered coral reef in the south of Australia is said to rival The Barrier Reef in terms of its abundance in marine life.

How Game Box Art is made – For all those interested in Video Games and art, Polygon has a wonderful long-form article about how the box art form some of the most popular games were created. It provides a great insight into the process from initial concept to final product.

Leaks Galore
There were also a some leaks of upcoming devices from two former mobile phone heavyweights who now find themselves far behind Apple and Android. Details of Blackberry’s new Android phone was leaked throughout the week followed closely by the leaks of the upcoming Windows Phone flagships. Google also had a leak of one of its upcoming Huawei made Nexus device (the other one being developed by LG). Finally, there was also a rumour going around with details of the new features that the upcoming Apple iPhone 6s would have.